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Become an expert Trader and monetise your skills. And the best part? It’s all automatic! You trade as usual; we take care of the rest.
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Do you tick all the boxes?
  • 3+ years of
    trading history
    3+ years of
    trading history
  • 20%+ annual
    20%+ annual
  • Reliable assets
    see FAQ for details
    Reliable assets
    see FAQ for details
  • $10M+ monthly
    trading volume
    $10M+ monthly
    trading volume
  • No Scalping
    or HFT
    No Scalping
    or HFT
Earn extra while you trade
As an expert trader, you’ll receive an income from every Subscriber copying you,
creating a truly passive income.
100 subscribers
$2500 per month
The more Subscribers copy you, the more your income will grow.
Introducing TIGR
We’ve launched a new  token for in-app transactions between Subscribers and Traders. More details coming soon.
It’s easy
to join
No enrollment, no applications, and no rejections. If your cryptocurrency Wallet matches our requirements, you’ll have instant access to Trader mode in the app.
Connect your
Binance account
Switch to
Trader mode
Secure and private

All you need to become an expert Trader is an API key from your cryptocurrency exchange account.

We don’t ask for any personal data, and you’re always in full control of what you share publicly with Subscribers.

Transparent and blockchain-verified
Gain your Subscribers’ trust.
Your Trader profile shows a detailed overview, open positions, and trading history. On your profile, you can share links to your social media with Subscribers.
Let the numbers speak for themselves.
Show off your expertise in your portfolio. Your Subscribers will see every trade verified on BNB Smart Chain (BSC) blockchain and know you’re the one they want to copy.
Take your portfolio
to new heights

Find new, loyal partners in your Subscribers and trade with their delegated funds.

Plus, you never have to worry about holding and protecting someone else’s money!

Start earning as
an expert Trader
Eleanor Pena25/mo · from $100
+ 123.4% vol $6,032,100
umpalumpa25/mo · from $100
+ 716.4%vol $1,322,231
HariSeldon25/mo · from $100
+ 687.6% vol $8,230,120
EXCAVO25/mo · from $150
+ 123.4% vol $6,032,100
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Which cryptocurrency exchanges are available?

Tiger.Trade is partnering with Binance, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange in trading volume and client base. We will offer access to other top exchanges in the future: FTX, OKEx, Bybit. Stay tuned for further updates!

How to switch to Trader mode in the app

After you’ve installed the Tiger.Trade app, follow these steps:

  1. Press Connect Wallet and follow the steps to add your Binance account API keys.
  2. Make sure your account matches our criteria.
  3. Press Trader mode in Settings.

Criteria for expert Traders

  • 3+ years of trading history
  • No Scalping or HFT
  • 20%+ average annual profit
  • $10M+ monthly trading volume

Is it safe to connect my Wallet to Tiger.Trade?

Yes, because Tiger.Trade doesn’t have access to your cryptocurrency exchange Wallet. Our platform works through an API — a secure and encrypted mechanism provided by the cryptocurrency exchange for users to access their Wallets inside third-party programs.

This way, only you can manage and view your available funds and designate the share you’d like to delegate to any Trader you’re copying. At any time, you’re free to stop copytrading and erase the API keys of your Wallet from the Tiger.Trade app.

Disconnecting your Wallet

  1. Go to Settings in the menu below, and choose Portfolio settings.
  2. Tap Disconnect. Confirm by tapping the Disconnect wallet button.

Is it safe to share my trades?

Yes. Neither Tiger.Trade nor your Subscribers have direct access to your crypto exchange account. When you connect the Binance account API keys, it provides read-only access to your account — as this allows us to verify your eligibility and trading activity. Subscribers can view the statistics and trading history of all Traders to help them find the right expert for them to follow.

What information can Subscribers access about me?

When you switch to Trader mode, your trading statistics become available to your paid Subscribers.

Trading statistics

Trading activity data is provided automatically via the cryptocurrency exchange API. Please refer to Binance API documentation for a detailed breakdown of the data format, limits, and other technical specifications. By default, Subscribers can access the following:
  • Overview of your Trading volume, Activity (number of trades), and Drawdown
  • Open Long/Short Positions for each cryptocurrency and the percentage of the portfolio
  • Detailed History with each transaction verified on BNB Smart Chain (BSC)

Public profile

As an expert Trader, you have a profile open to all Subscribers. You’re in complete control of what you display: set your Name and optionally link your Twitter, Telegram, YouTube, or TradingView accounts.

Can I use Tiger.Trade as both a Subscriber and Trader?

Once you switch to Trader mode, you can no longer copy other Trades as a Subscriber. If you still have any open positions copying other Traders, they will be automatically closed when you switch between modes. Any Traders you were copying will appear in Bookmarks. You can change back to Subscriber and close your Trader's profile on the app at any time.

24/7 Online Support

Report any issues or send your questions to our 24/7 support or email us to copytrading.support@tiger.trade.