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Just copy trades of the leading crypto traders and earn. And the best part? It's all automatic.

Copytrading by Tiger.Trade

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What you get
  • Cryptotrading
    on autopilot
  • Starting from
    just $100
  • Only verified
    traders to copy
  • Money stays in your
    crypto wallet
How it works
  1. 1 step
    Connect your
    Binance account
  2. 2 step
    Choose the best
    Traders to copy
  3. 3 step
    Watch your
    Portfolio grow
Trust data that
can’t be forged
All activity of traders you're copying is verified on the blockchain. No one can manipulate or fake these trading statistics.

Tiger.Trade app runs on the BNB Smart Chain (BSC) to validate the data, so you get in-app proof for trades you're copying right at your fingertips.
Money never leaves your
Binance account
Safe and secure. Nothing is ever taken from your wallet or transferred to the traders you are copying.
You hold the keys.
You’re in charge.
With Tiger.Trade app, there’s no long-term commitment or deposit. Disconnect your Binance account at any time with just one tap.
Only verified Traders
We select all experts for their profitability and key performance metrics. Pick different traders based on their risk level and expected returns.
  • Annual yield
    over 20%
  • High-liquidity
  • Trading volume
    over $10M/mo.
A profile for
every Trader
The numbers speak for themselves. Everything you need to know about a trader’s portfolio on one page.
  • Portfolio
  • Your Trader’s
    social profiles
  • Statistics and
    trading history
filters and sorting
Find the right trader for you. Based on your budget, experience and needs, you can effortlessly build your perfect portfolio.
  • Quick filters
  • Sort by key parameters
  • Bookmark your favorite experts
Eleanor Pena25/mo · from $100
+ 123.4% vol $6,032,100
umpalumpa25/mo · from $100
+ 716.4%vol $1,322,231
HariSeldon25/mo · from $100
+ 687.6% vol $8,230,120
EXCAVO25/mo · from $100
+ 123.4% vol $6,032,100
About Tiger.Trade
We create services for professional traders and retail investors
  • 2015
    Сompany founded
  • 135+
    Team members
  • 30K+
    Traders using Tiger.Trade products


How does copytrading work?

Copytrading is a type of “social trading” that allows less experienced traders to copy the activities of an expert, usually by paid subscription or revenue share.

Copytrading has completely automated the process. Users don’t have to find the signals from experts manually anymore. Instead, they link their accounts to the copy-trading platform, and it does all the work. All trading activity happens in real-time within the designated budget. The only task users have to do is monitor their copytrading portfolio!

Which cryptocurrency exchanges are available?

Tiger.Trade is partnering with Binance, the world's leading cryptocurrency exchange in trading volume and client base. We will offer access to other top exchanges in the future: FTX, OKEx, Bybit. Stay tuned for further updates!

Is it safe to connect my Wallet to Tiger.Trade? How to disconnect the Wallet?

Yes, because Tiger.Trade doesn’t have access to your cryptocurrency exchange Wallet. Our platform works through an API — a secure and encrypted mechanism provided by the cryptocurrency exchange for users to access their Wallets inside third-party programs.

This way, only you can manage and view your available funds and designate the share you’d like to delegate to any Trader you’re copying. At any time, you’re free to stop copytrading and erase the API keys of your Wallet from the Tiger.Trade app.

Disconnecting your Wallet

  1. Go to Settings in the menu below, and choose Portfolio settings.
  2. Tap Disconnect. Confirm by tapping the Disconnect wallet button.

Who are the expert Traders? Can I trust them?

We only believe in verifiable data. That’s why we chose all our expert Traders by their trading history and performance. As long as their statistics match our eligibility criteria, any Tiger.Trade user can join the pool of expert Traders. We constantly monitor our traders to ensure the best experience for all our subscribers.

You can tap any of the Traders to review their detailed trading statistics, as well as social profiles to help you finalize your choice.

Criteria for expert Traders

  • 3+ years of trading history
  • No Scalping or HFT
  • 20%+ average annual profit
  • $10M+ monthly trading volume

How to copy Traders

After you’ve installed Tiger.Trade on your phone, just follow these instructions:

  • Launch the Tiger.Trade app on your phone.
  • Tap Connect Wallet.
  • Follow the steps to sign up and connect your Wallet.
  • Go to Traders in the menu below, and tap Copy.

Subscription fees for copying Traders

The Tiger.Trade app is 100% free to download and use. We only charge a subscription fee for each Trader you copy. The average amount is $25/mo. For in-app payments, we just launched a new  TIGR token. Once you connect your Wallet, you’ll have  100 tokens out onto your balance.

What are high-liquidity assets?

Our experts only trade on the most reputable cryptocurrency exchanges. It ensures your Tiger.Trade portfolio is free from untrustworthy cryptocurrencies, low-liquidity pairs, and other questionable or high-risk assets. You can easily monetize and convert your copy-trading profits to various stable cryptos or fiat currencies through the exchange.

What does no scalping or HFT mean?

Scalping and High-Frequency Trading (HFT) strategies aren’t suitable for copy-trading. They are too complex to operate on autopilot and reliably estimate the yield. These forms of trading require opening and closing positions in milliseconds — in some cases, thousands of orders per day — and using sophisticated monitoring tools and algorithms.

Instead, we offer our subscribers the chance to copy Traders that place Long and Short positions. It’s a more comfortable pace you can easily follow. Our experts have long-term strategies, oriented towards more predictable and stable profitability over an extended period (rather than high-risk trading with very brief planning.)

Long and Short positions

Long positions mean traders own a positive amount of any financial instrument. In other words, the more their assets increase in value, the more they earn. Short, on the other hand, means traders profit from the decrease of the asset’s value. In other words, shorting is trading “against” certain financial instruments, expecting them to fall.

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